Market Research Cambodia

Cambodia has lately enjoyed high economy growth with an averaged of 7-percent GDP since 2011. The country attracts many investors with the “Factory of Asia” model of growth, deploying low-cost labor to manufacture products for export. In 2015, the country’s merchandise exports grew 14.1 percent to $8.5 billion meanwhile the shipments of garments and footwear increased 10.2 percent – both contributes 70 percent to total exports value. Once a predominantly agricultural nation, Cambodia saw the industry sector grow at 11.7 percent in 2015, the biggest overall contributor to its GDP.

Market Research Cambodia is a strategy and innovation marketing consultancy focused on Cambodia and the Asia Pacific region. We perform research to support the Asia market growth expansion strategies of our clients and provide them with the insights and roadmap to capture a profitable market share in the region. Many of our clients in the in industrial, technology, green tech, and healthcare sectors can be found among the Fortune Global 500.

For several years now we have offered services in Cambodia that help our clients comprehend the market landscape, size the market, assess industries, identify and profile competitors, segment customers and distribution channels, analyze supply chains, locate production sites, determine investment feasibility, and find local suppliers. Our services put our clients on the path to growth and profitability in Cambodia.

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Some of the Cambodia market entry and market expansion services we offer:
  • Cambodia market research
  • Cambodia market survey
  • Cambodia qualitative research
  • Cambodia quantitative research
  • Cambodia market landscape
  • Market intelligence Cambodia
  • Cambodia M&A screening & evaluation
  • Cambodia medical equipment market research
  • Cambodia hospital market research
  • Cambodia competitive intelligence
  • Cambodia market sizing
  • Cambodia competitive landscape analysis
  • Cambodia competitive benchmarking
  • Cambodia competitor monitoring
  • Freelance market research Cambodia
  • Cambodia commercial due diligence
  • Cambodia industrial market research
  • Cambodia pricing study
  • Cambodia competitor sales network analysis
  • Cambodia B2B Market Research
  • Cambodia market attractiveness Analysis
  • Cambodia markets segmentation
  • Cambodia supply chain analysis
  • Growth strategy Cambodia
  • Cambodia telecom market research
  • Cambodia industrial market research
  • Cambodia feasibility studies
  • Cambodia customers analysis
  • Cambodia distribution channels analysis
  • Cambodia value chain analysis
  • Cambodia feasibility studies
  • Cambodia healthcare market research
  • Cambodia oil & gas market research
  • Cambodia construction materials market research