Discover numerous opportunities on Cambodia's growing industrial and manufacturing market.

Cambodia Manufacturing Consulting Company
Manufacturing Consulting in Cambodia
Cambodia is strengthening its manufacturing industry. It has one of the lowest labor costs in Asia, a natural fit for labor-intensive manufacturing such as garment, footwear, and textiles. Cambodia also allows fully foreign-owned investments for foreign businesses to expand their operation.

Manufacturing accounted for 31% of the Kingdom's economy in 2018, according to the Asian Development Bank. The Kingdom is also working to adapt Industry 4.0, aiming to increase it competitiveness.

Market Research Cambodia is committed to guiding you to sail the country's manufacturing industry by providing advisory services across many areas, including logistics and supply chain, manufacturing and processing, industrial power and energy, chemical manufacturing, industrial machinery aftermarket, digitalization in manufacturing and industry 4.0. Our team of highly professional consultants has a deep market understanding to help you in achieving constant growth.

Our Key Service Offerings

Cambodia Market Intelligence

We're experienced to offer evidence-based insights for clients from our practical experiences. Sustained by our Cambodian marketplace insights, we guide clients to forecast fash shift of market demands and identify potential competitive challenges.

Cambodia Market Entry

We weigh a few actionable choices with the goal to reduce financial ambiguity for clients by providing market informations about customers, partners, competitors, channels, suppliers and other market dynamics.

Cambodia Competitive Intelligence

We give analysis on Cambodian market competition and review some best practices to minimize excessive omissions and reinventions. We guarantee strategic advantage for our clients by discovering potential opportunities and room for improvements.

Cambodia Customer Intelligence

Our team of professionals provide analysis of customers’ buying trends, behavior and demographic for giving contribution on the development of new products.

Our Success Stories

Market Analysis and Due Diligence for Rubber Production

Providing a detailed analysis of the rubber production landscape in Cambodia and due diligence on local plantations.


Our Success Stories

Endoscopy Market Assessment in ASEAN

Performing market assessment for a Japanese MNC to launch new endoscopes in ASEAN.



Construction Industry in Cambodia
Developments in the Construction Industry in Cambodia in 2022

What is the current outlook for Cambodia’s construction market, and where do potential opportunities lie in the industry for 2022 and beyond?

Cambodia Food Delivery
Transforming the Food Industry in Cambodia

It is an exciting time for the food industry in Cambodia. What else is in store for local brands, and how can foreign players maximize opportunities to expand in the country?

Financial Market in Cambodia
The Growth of the Financial Market in Cambodia

Learn more about the current prospects for the financial market in Cambodia, and how the sector will grow through policies and investments.

Cambodia Fintech Report 2021
Cambodia Fintech Report 2021

The jumpstart of Cambodia's nationwide digital banking initiatives has supported the implementation of open market operations, eventually boosting economic growth

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